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COBIT 2019 is a globally recognized framework that helps organizations to effectively govern and manage their information technology. It provides a comprehensive set of practices, principles, and models that enable IT professionals and executives to align IT strategies with business objectives and ensure that IT supports organizational goals.

With the increasing importance of IT in today's business world, it's crucial for professionals to have a deep understanding of COBIT 2019 to stay competitive in their field.

Our COBIT 2019 Foundation course provides a comprehensive overview of the framework and helps you acquire the skills needed to effectively govern and manage IT in your organization.

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As an IT professional, you understand the critical role that technology plays in supporting your organization's strategies and objectives.

However, ensuring that IT aligns with business goals can be a significant challenge.

IT Governance Needs

Without a proper IT governance structure in place, organizations are at risk of falling behind, and their IT initiatives may fail to deliver the desired outcomes.

COBIT Framework as Solution

This is where COBIT 2019 comes in, providing a set of best practices and models to effectively govern and manage IT in your organization.

How we can

Our COBIT 2019 Foundation course can help you overcome these challenges and develop the skills needed to ensure that your IT initiatives align with your organization's goals.

Inside COBIT 2019 Foundation Course

This course is fully aligned with the COBIT 2019 Foundation syllabus by ISACA.

COBIT 2019 Overall 

Our COBIT 2019 Foundation course provides a comprehensive overview of COBIT 2019 is a comprehensive framework for IT governance and management, to optimize IT investments and align with business objectives.

COBIT System & Framewok

COBIT Principles are a set of guidelines for IT governance and management, consisting of System Principles to underpin the IT governance system &  Framework Principles to guide framework design.

COBIT Components of Governance System

COBIT's 7 (seven) Components of the Governance System allow a comprehensive and practical IT governance framework aligned with the business objectives.

COBIT Goal Cascade 

COBIT's goal cascading process maps high-level business objectives to specific IT-related goals, enabling effective alignment between IT and business strategies.

COBIT  Performance Management

COBIT's performance management monitors and evaluates progress towards achieving IT-related goals, providing the information needed to continuously improve IT governance and management.

COBIT  in Designing Tailored Governance System

COBIT framework allows enterprise to create a tailored IT governance system based on industry best practices, organizational goals, and regulatory requirements.

Importance of COBIT  Business Case 

COBIT emphasizes the importance of developing a business case prior to making decisions about IT governance implementation, to ensure that the investment aligns with organizational goals and delivers measurable benefits.

COBIT Implementation

COBIT Implementation Guide provides practical guidance for implementing COBIT framework, to support effective IT governance and management.

What's included?

  • +12 Chapters
  • +15 PDFs
  • +150 Simulation Questions

Real World
Business Cases

Included in our course are real-world business cases to assist you in designing an effective IT governance system for your organization.

Real World
Exam Simulator

Our course provides over 150 exam simulation questions with detailed explanations for optimal certification readiness.

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Benefits of Using COBIT® 2019 

Complete IT
Governance Framework

COBIT® offers a complete IT governance framework that work seamlessly with the overall enterprise governance initiative.


COBIT® 2019's goal cascading method allows IT organizations to align their strategic objectives with overall enterprise strategy. 

Prioritize Strategic Objectives

Obtains strategic goals and realizes business benefits through the innovative and efficient use of IT.


COBIT® doesn't focus only on processes. COBIT® 2019 framework consists of several intertwined components, including process, people, technology, organization structure, etc. 

Align With
Major Standards

COBIT® 2019 allows complete integration with other major IT management standards, such as Balanced Scorecard, OKR, ISO, SFIA, Project Management, ITIL, etc.

Open and

COBIT® 2019 framework is open and flexible to adopt new practices and, at the same time, maintains its integrity and consistency.   


Key advantages of enrolling your team in COBIT 2019 Foundation Course.
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Employees trained in COBIT 2019 Foundation can effectively implement a governance system that aligns IT with the organization's strategic objectives, resulting in better governance of IT resources.


COBIT 2019 Foundation training provides employees with the tools to align IT with business goals, leading to increased competitiveness and growth opportunities for the organization. 

Enhanced Risk Management

COBIT 2019 Foundation training enables employees to identify and mitigate IT-related risks, reducing the likelihood of negative impacts on the organization.


COBIT 2019 Foundation can ensure that IT operations are compliant with relevant laws and regulations, reducing the risk of legal or financial penalties.


Key benefits of attending COBIT 2019 Foundation Course.
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Better Alignment with
Enterprise Goals

The training enables professionals to align their IT practices with the organization's strategic objectives, helping to improve overall performance and achieve better business outcomes. 

Continued Professional Development

COBIT 2019 Foundation Training provides professionals with ongoing professional development opportunities, keeping them up-to-date with the latest industry best practices and trends in IT governance.

Enhanced Career Opportunities

COBIT 2019 Foundation Training provides professionals with a globally recognized certification that can boost their career opportunities and help them stand out in the organization.

Improved Knowledge &

The course helps professionals develop a better understanding of the key principles, concepts, and practices of IT governance and gain the necessary skills to implement effective IT governance in their organization.

What's included?

  • +12 Chapters
  • +15 PDFs
  • +150 Simulation Questions

Ensure your IT organization is aligned with company's strategy 

COBIT 2019 Framework enables your IT organization to develop strategies that have precise and concise alignment with the overall company's strategy.

Become a highly qualified professional in
IT Governance 

The participants will learn the step-by-step process on how to identify the stakeholder needs, translate those needs into IT alignment goals, and finally identify the prioritized IT Governance & Management objectives.

Our Value Proposition

Outstanding training value proposition helps participants in getting COBIT 2019 Foundation Certificate from ISACA.

VILT Training Delivery

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) training delivery allows interactive and safe training environments.

High Calibre Instructors

All instructors have extensive domain knowledge and hands-on experience in real world IT strategy & governance development.

Personalized LMS

Allows participants to have a structured learning experience using DeeKai Academy platform and have access to course materials for 3 (three) month.

Support for Participants

DeeKai Academy provides unprecedented support to the participants throughout the training lifecycle DeeKai Academy, including in registering for COBIT 2019 Foundation exam.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend COBIT 2019 Foundation certification?

COBIT 2019 Foundation is targeted towards any IT Executives, Managers, and Staff who would like to have a strong understanding of IT Governance using the COBIT 2019 framework. Some of the job titles that may benefit from COBIT 2019 Foundation Training include:
  • IT Managers
  • IT Auditors
  • IT Governance Professionals
  • IT Security Professionals
  • IT Service Management Professionals
  • Business Analysts
  • Compliance Professionals
  • Risk Management Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • CIOs and IT Executives

Is there any pre-requisite or required knowledge for attending COBIT 2019 Foundation certification?

There are no formal prerequisites for COBIT 2019 Foundation certification, but having a basic understanding of IT governance concepts and related practices can be helpful. The training covers fundamental principles and concepts of the COBIT framework, and is designed for beginners.
However, individuals with a background in IT governance, IT management, or related fields will be better prepared for the COBIT 2019 Foundation course.

What are the key benefits for the participants after completing the COBIT 2019 Foundation certification?

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the COBIT 2019 framework and how it can be applied to IT governance and management.
  • Gain knowledge of key concepts, principles, components, and design factors of the COBIT 2019 framework.
  • Understand how to establish and maintain a governance system that aligns with business goals and objectives.
  • Learn how to identify and address risks, optimize resources, and measure IT performance.
  • Acquire skills to evaluate and improve IT processes, implement controls, and support regulatory compliance.
  • Enhance career prospects and demonstrate proficiency in IT governance and management.
  • Gain recognition as a COBIT 2019 Foundation-certified professional.
  • Join a community of experts and peers who share knowledge and best practices in IT governance and management.
  • Prepare for advanced COBIT 2019 courses and certifications

What is the exam format for COBIT 2019 Foundation Certification? 

  • Closed-book, multiple-choice exam
  • 75 questions
  • 120 minutes to complete
  • Passing score is 65% (49 out of 75 questions)
  • Exam is available in various languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and Japanese
  • Can be taken online or at an authorized testing center
  • Exam is administered by ISACA, the organization that develops and maintains the COBIT 2019 framework and certification program
Meet the instructor

Yusuf Prawirasoetisna

Yusuf Prawirasoetisna is a highly qualified COBIT 2019 instructor and seasoned consultant in strategic and change management with 20 years of experience in Indonesia. He has a Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering and a Diploma in Data Science, providing a solid foundation in business management, IT operation outsourcing, and analytics. Yusuf has led numerous successful projects, including large-scale oil and gas FPSO and logistics shorebase operations.

He is a knowledgeable, convincing, and enthusiastic instructor committed to sharing his experience to help students develop their careers.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Elevate your career as IT Governance Professionals!!!

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