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Project Kick-Off Meeting

For some, there has been some confusion about the concept of Project Kick-off Meeting.

This article attempts to explain the concept of Project Kick-off Meeting according to PMI (Project Management Institute).

What is a Project Kick-off Meeting?

In Project Management, a Project Kick-off Meeting symbolizes the commencement of a Project.

A Project Kick-off Meeting involves the project's key stakeholders, such as the Customer, Project Sponsor, Project Manager, Senior Management, and all the project team members.

Objectives of Project Kick-off Meeting

  • To announce the start of the project.
  • Ensure that key project stakeholders are familiar with the project team members working on the project.
  • Ensure that key project stakeholders understand the project objectives.
  • Explains the roles and responsibilities of every project stakeholder and project team member.
  • To gain alignment and commitment from project key stakeholders and project team members.
  • To establish a positive relationship between the client and the project team.

When Does Project Kick-off Meeting take place?

Based on PMBOK 6th edition, Project Kick-off Meeting can take place at different points depending on the project characteristics such as size, complexity, etc.

For Small Projects - Project Kick-off occurs after Project Initiation is completed or just after Project Charter is signed.
The main reason is that in a small project setting, usually, a single team performs both planning and execution. So, the Project Kick-off Meeting signifies that the Project Team Members have to start working together to produce Project Management Plan.

For Large Projects - Project Kick-off meeting takes place after the Project Management Plan is approved or after completing the planning phase.
In a large project setting, typically, there will be separate project management teams to perform project planning and the other project team to perform the project execution.

For Complex Multi-phase Projects - Typically Project Kick-off meeting happens at the start of each project phase.

Benefits of Project Kick-off Meeting

  • Ensure alignment to the project objectives among key project stakeholders and project team members.
  • Manage project stakeholders' expectations.
  • Allows project stakeholders to understand the project key schedule & milestones, budget, quality, risks, and other summary aspects of the project.
  • Allows Customers or Users to get to know the project team members.


Project kick-off Meetings have many benefits, especially in getting alignment from all project stakeholders regarding the project objectives.
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